Gracie’s Client Journey

Throughout our members time at Fort Worth Strong, we capture their “Client Journey” or story. The challenges they faced when they got started to the

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Ciara’s Client Journey

“My biggest struggle was the lack of motivation. It was really hard staying on top of my fitness goals by myself.” If you have ever

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Derick’s Client Journey

When starting a fitness program, most understand the importance of establishing goals that resonate with them personally. It is usually the catalyst that gets the

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Hayden’s Client Journey

“Consistency has always been a big struggle when it comes to health and fitness for me. I’ve also always struggled with knowing what the heck

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Thomas’s Client Journey

“After high school I struggled finding a gym I really liked. I would go from gym to gym and wouldn’t really click with any of

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Annie’s Client Journey

“I struggled with confidence to be able to lift weights and do compound movements. I felt intimidated going into a gym without having preparedness and

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Lauren’s Client Journey

Lauren joined the community last August. She has made a great effort to get back into a consistent and sustainable workout routine. Prior to finding

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Truth About Fat Loss

Fat loss. “Toning”. Energy balance is the name of the game. Calories In vs. Calories Out. There is a single contributor to calories in, food

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