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Each day brings a new challenging combination of strength, conditioning, and/or skill-based exercises to prepare you for any physical demands in or outside of the gym setting. Our priority is to help improve your health and performance with a major emphasis on quality before quantity. As a product of taking on these challenges our members can expect to lose body fat and maintain/build muscle for improved overall physique overtime.


Burn is for everyone looking to get the heart rate up, burn calories, and have fun with a group of other go-getters. Our priority is to improve conditioning and physique with a low barrier to entry. We use bikes, rowers, skiers, dumbbells, kettlebells, and simple gymnastics/bodyweight movements to deliver a full-body workout. This class is designed specifically to use our StrongFit methodologies without the heavy lifting or barbell movements (such as powerlifting and weightlifting), and high skill or technical gymnastics.

What Kind Of Results Can You Expect?

Increased brain functions and boosted mood

Improved energy and better health

Increased metabolism, changes in muscle mass, and better overall fitness

See-it-in-the-mirror results

Compliments from friends and family. A healthier, more efficient heart

Increased life expectancy. Substanial improvements in mental health. Better bone density.


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