Simple Nutrition Strategy + A Recipe!

I’ve got a nutrition “hack” for you!

This one is super simple, but it gets results.

Here it is: Keep breakfast the same every day for a month. If that’s a stretch for you, alternate two different options so you eat the same thing every second day. 

The key is to create just one or two healthy breakfast options you enjoy, then roll with them every day.

I recommend something that’s high in protein, add some fats, and minimize added sugar. And bonus points if you get some fruit or vegetables in the mix—they’re filling and packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber. 

(Don’t worry: I’ll give you a breakfast idea below.)

If you stick with this simple plan, 33 percent of your major meals are a done deal. You don’t have to think about them, you don’t have to plan them, and you don’t have to run out to get special ingredients for a new recipe.

If you know your breakfast menu for the month, you can buy lots of non-perishables in advance and collect the other ingredients on focused weekly shopping trips. That will save a lot of time.

You’ll also save time in the kitchen because prep will become a simple routine. If you pick the right meals, you can even batch-cook ahead of time and portion out several meals for the week.

This plan is so effective because you start every day off with a nutritious meal that matches up with your goals. So no matter what happens in the rest of the day, Meal 1 was healthy.

It’s also very helpful to use routine when you’re trying to make positive changes to your diet. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying variety and new foods, but if you have very specific health goals, it can be tough to experiment a lot.

“How many eggs were in that restaurant omelet?”

“Did they fry this in fat?”

“Did I make too much food and eat it all just because it was there?”

Questions like this are common when you’re experimenting or eating a lot of different meals, and the answers will have a huge effect on the results you get from your nutrition plan. So my advice is always to keep breakfast simple and healthy. 

An added benefit: Many standard breakfasts are very high in fat and sugar but low in protein. If you cut out the stuff you don’t need and give your muscles the protein they crave, you’ll have more energy later in the day and perform better in the gym. 

Want a great, easy breakfast idea? Here it is:

Combine 90 g of Kodiak Power Cakes Flapjack and Waffle Mix with 125 g of cottage cheese and a half-cup of unsweetened almond milk. Don’t over-mix. Pour 3 pancakes in a non-stick pan—they should be about the size of the flipper for easy turning. 

Cook on low to medium heat until the underside is golden, then flip and cook until both sides are golden. Finally, top with 140 g of blueberries (warm them in a pan if frozen) and sugar-free syrup.

This meal contains just 500-550 calories, and it supplies 40 g of protein, 75 g of carbs and 5-15 grams of fat—and it’s delicious.

I hope that helps you start your day right! 

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