Ciara’s Client Journey

“My biggest struggle was the lack of motivation. It was really hard staying on top of my fitness goals by myself.”

If you have ever been in this cycle of starting and stopping, it can be really disheartening. 

Most people struggle to find lasting success when it comes to their health and fitness. So we provide a coach, a customized plan and a community of support for every client to guide them to strength, health and happiness.

Ciara says her success has come from “accountability and support!”

“The coaches and group workouts help me stay on track, they are encouraging, fun and keep me going. It has helped me feel more confident in different movements and skills. As a whole the community makes me want to show up and not give up!”

When it comes to client success, there are two specific metrics that will almost always lead to a great experience and positive results, those are adherence and retention. We want our clients to show up often, for a long long time.

“The environment in the gym is really great. It is so easy to fit in because you get to know the members you take classes with and we encourage each other through workouts. The coaches really make an effort to get to know you and they notice when you’ve been gone. They get to know your abilities and strengths and make sure to check in with you regularly. You don’t get that just anywhere.”

The Client Journey.

Step 1: Schedule an appointment. 

Step 2: Create a custom plan.

Step 3: Execute the plan.

Step 4: Review your plan every 60-90 days.

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