Hayden’s Client Journey

“Consistency has always been a big struggle when it comes to health and fitness for me. I’ve also always struggled with knowing what the heck to do when I exercise. I get alot of paralysis by analysis.”

When Hayden joined us, we had just launched our hybrid plan. He worked with Coach Kyle one one one, once a week while attending our group classes up to 3 days a week. We help eliminate any doubt or confusion from the very beginning.

“The smaller classes and community feel, really helps motivate me to keep going to class. I get social anxiety about working out with others, but the coaches and other members are great at welcoming me and alleviating that anxiety. Also the programming is great and allows me to focus on getting a good workout without wasting mental energy on planning.”

He has now moved on to unlimited classes after the initial help of those individual sessions and has made big progress while managing pain points from previous injury!

“I’m really trying to focus on getting my major lifts back up. With a recurring back injury I’ve struggled returning to the level of fitness I used to have. I’m focusing on returning to that level in a smart manner to prevent further injury recurrences. The coaches at FTW Strong have definitely been a big help in this area, helping with form cues and guidance on weight selection.”

We appreciate the trust Hayden has put into our program.

If you are curious about how to include fitness while injured or worried about training around pain, book a consult to find out how we can create a plan for your specific needs.



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