Gracie’s Client Journey

Throughout our members time at Fort Worth Strong, we capture their “Client Journey” or story. The challenges they faced when they got started to the successes they have experienced and the ongoing goals and “Bright Spots”. Everyone should experience and celebrate these wins. They have been earned!

“Before coming to Fort Worth Strong, I struggled with mobility and often fell into the rut of doing the same movements over and over. I felt like my upper body was getting stronger at a much slower rate than my lower body. 

Since joining, stretching after each class has helped with my flexibility and mobility. The mix between StrongFit (strength) and Burn (endurance/conditioning) brought more diversity to my workouts and helped me balance out my strengths!

With the coaches guidance and the community support, I am getting closer to my goals. I have overcome some doubts when it comes to heavier lifting and the more complex movements, although it takes time!”

Gracie, like many, had some reservations when it came to our methods of training. What helps us is the care we put into each workout and how it is organized, coached, and implemented with intention throughout the year.

The clients that utilize our Hybrid plan receive one on one guidance through personal training once a week, while also having access to up to three group sessions a week. By combining both services, clients can focus on individual needs in depth with a coach for 30 to 60 minutes. Plus have the frequency and community perks of group training.

When it comes to training, we offer 3 services: 

  • Personal Training,
  • Hybrid Training (both one on one and group), 
  • Group Training

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