Derick’s Client Journey

When starting a fitness program, most understand the importance of establishing goals that resonate with them personally. It is usually the catalyst that gets the flywheel turning. It can and usually is difficult to keep the momentum going with out checking in to measure and reflect on the “Journey” and progress.

The clients that are able to dedicate the time to assessing their goals and plan consistently will see the most success long term. This is why we encourage regular check ins or “goal reviews”, typically every 60-90 days.

This week we sat down with Derick! He has been a great testament to our Hybrid Training option. This includes weekly personal training sessions while also attending our group classes 3 or more times a week.

What was something you struggled with fitness wise before coming here?

“I’ve always struggled with perfectionism and consistency when it comes to exercise. I was too embarrassed to ask for help and if didn’t feel 100% confident in my technique and ability, I wouldn’t do it all. This discouragement always led me to quit.”

How have we helped?

“The class structure and motivation from coaches/members at FTW strong definitely helps to keep me accountable and stay consistent. Coach Kyle and the other trainers have helped me tremendously in building up my skill and confidence. While also helping me to change my mindset on my fitness journey. I look forward to working out every day now whereas before the fear of failure made me dread going to the gym.”

What is something different about our service?

“The detail in training and coaching at FTW Strong is second to none. There’s no “one size fits all” workout that trainers throw on members. The coaches really take their time to personalize each session and accommodate every members needs to help us reach our individual goals. I also love the sense of community at FTW Strong.”

What is something you are working on/ working toward now? 

“I recently signed up for my first ever fitness competition so I am continuing to work with coach Kyle in improving my endurance and power lifting skills.”

If you are hesitant about getting started, let us help you break down larger goals in to smaller manageable goals. Goals we can assess every 60 to 90 days. Before you know it you will build the momentum and success you’ve wished to achieve.

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