Annie’s Client Journey

“I struggled with confidence to be able to lift weights and do compound movements. I felt intimidated going into a gym without having preparedness and guidance with difficult movements. Training with weights was a big fear!”

We understand what it feels like to start or to start again. It can be overwhelming, intimidating, and your goals may seem out of reach. Our goal is to help you reach yours. We do this by breaking down the big goals of strength, health and happiness into a process. We help define the next step by creating a plan and helping you stick to it!

Our plan for Annie included a weekly one on one personal training session plus 3 weekly group training sessions. One of our hybrid training options.

“Doing one on one training has helped with learning correct form and gaining confidence. Being a part of group classes has also helped with the intimidation factor I was previously worried about. Everyone has been so welcoming in the class environments and the coaches help my movement confidence a ton!”

She took a leap by trusting our process, our plan, and overcoming doubts by trying new things and joining our tribe!

She is now stronger, happier and healthier for it! 

Keep up the great work Annie!

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