Adriana’s Fitness Journey

When did you get started and how are things going?

Adriana’s Journey began in February with 30 minute sessions a couple days a week. She works with Coach Kyle and after her first month jumped to 60 minute sessions and currently does 3-4 sessions a week!

“It is tough but I’m actually really enjoying it, it’s my favorite part of the week and favorite part of the day!”

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What is helping you commit to the process?

Building more habits around making this a lifestyle. Gaining confidence internally and externally and improving focus. Coaching, having accountability, and having fun.

What obstacles are you overcoming?

Intimidation. There may be a story that you are telling yourself about not knowing what to do or how to do it and it causes some reservations when starting a fitness journey.

“I see it now as a free environment, I’m able to just let loose and focus more on myself!”

Adriana has also experienced injuries in her past which can be difficult to overcome. Both physically and mentally. She is overcoming those fears and doubts in her training and excelling in her program!

“It’s just very uplifting!”

Recovery and Nutrition

As a gym and a team of training professionals, we spend much of our time helping clients become more physical to achieve their goals.

It is just as important to address recovery. 

There are two types of stress to bring awareness to.

  1. Local- this is the acute result of strength training or conditioning where we target a specific muscle group, energy system, or movement pattern.
  2. Systemic- this is a cumulative result from stressors on the body such as training accumulation, daily stressors, nutrition, sleep, and exposure to harmful substances.

Having a training plan should be matched with having a recovery plan in response to the lifestyle stressors you are already experiencing.

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